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A little bit about the wizardry behind the magic of Merlin’s Pizza!

The wizardry behind the magic of Merlin’s Pizza! Since it was established in 1990, Merlin’s Pizza has become a bit of a Gold Coast landmark – if we may say so ourselves!

For flavour, portion size and lots of toppings, there’s nowhere better! 

What’s our secret? Well, we’re proud to say we’ve stuck it out for this long thanks to one thing – our pizzas.

Like our motto says, we don’t just make pizzas – we create them! By hand! 

Sure, there are cheaper ones and more expensive ones, but our many regulars would agree that with Merlin’s you get the best value, because flavour is priceless!

Oh, and being generous with the portions and toppings helps too…

Check out our menu, and make sure you’ve got your phone in your hand, because you won’t be able to resist!

“Real happy with the quality of service and the quality of the pizza I got from Merlin’s Pizza. Will definitely be returning sometime REAL soon.”